Breadth of Data & Real-World Inspiration

We act as a highly experienced resource for oncology outcomes and real-world evidence (RWE) queries from research collaborators and industry partners in order to ensure the quality and integrity of results and to accelerate the transformation of projects into clinical practice and policy impact.

O2 Difference

Breadth of Data

  • Strategic analysis of target oncology populations across the healthcare spectrum within both academic and community cancer centers (i.e. a population-based approach)
  • HEOR focus with in-depth and comprehensive aggregate ‘events’ and outcomes analysis that can accurately inform pharmaco-economic modelling of cancer therapeutics

Real-World Inspiration

  • Meaningful analysis of real-world data that is tailored to support data and evidence gaps in unique oncology groups and specific therapeutics markets
  • Advanced statistics to quantify a cancer population’s treatment and survival outcomes

Rapid Results

  • Rapid results and short project turnaround time
  • Standardized reporting of aggregate results across a spectrum of cancer disease sites
  • Advanced analytics to highlight the unmet need within target oncology populations

Why RWE and Why Now?

The Evidence Gap

Who We Work With

Industry: Pharmaceuticals,
Devices and Technology
Health Policy Groups
and Advisory Committees
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